A Decatur native and product of DeKalb County Public Schools, Dr. Abdalla Rashad Tau has developed a genuine partnership with stakeholders in the community. Dr. Tau is committed to cultivating consciousness, scholarship, cultural awareness, healthy living, and universal thought in individuals domestically and abroad, with an emphasis on positive exposure through various experiences. Dr. Tau believes education is a continuous process influenced by parental, school, and community factors, as well as through self-discovery.

As an accomplished entrepreneur, educator, author, and philanthropist, Dr. Tau has earned a variety of degrees including a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Marketing (Benedict College), a Master of Arts in Marketing and Communication (California State University San Bernardino) and an Doctorate of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (Argosy University Atlanta) In addition to an extensive background in education, Dr. Tau’s affiliations extend to business interests stemming from earned certifications as a real estate broker and personal fitness trainer. Dr. Tau is also a veteran of the United States Air Force.

Dr. Tau continues to be an avid traveler, exploring more than 50 countries on seven continents and living in Tottori, Japan. The invaluable experience of working as an ESL teaching assistant in a Japanese rural village was the catalyst in forming The Exposure Foundation. Dr. Tau understands that exposure to various levels of education, travel, positive encounters with people and experiences, and domestic/international travel has been the reason for a personal evolution from a juvenile delinquent to a doctor that mentors youth, which he discusses extensively in his inaugural book, Delinquent to Doctor. Dr. Tau believes that providing today’s youth with inimitable opportunities will foster success and the encouragement needed to help young individuals avoid many of the pitfalls life may present.

Dr. Tau is both an educator and life-long learner who believes in education versus indoctrination. In addition, Dr. Tau promotes teaching individuals how to think and look at life through a universal lens, creating citizens that will make positive contributions to a world society. Dr. Tau’s experiences and world travels have helped to develop a man consistently ready to evolve with a desire to share knowledge, expertise and forethought with students through his non-profit corporation, The Exposure Foundation. Dr. Tau further supports the community through affiliations with various mentoring programs, public/private schools, faith-based groups, and other non-profit organizations. The aforementioned accomplishments are just a prelude for what the future holds for Dr. Tau, local youth, and the world community.